Special - Long term bets

This is the first of the special bets that we will have.
Special bets can be anything from betting systems, to crazier things (who knows what?)

So in this post we will have long term bets (usually bets in the final winner of a certain league).
Because this post will be updated several times, all bets will be posted with the date in which they were posted so you don't get confused when after a couple of months the odds look very different from those you see in your site.

So here they go:

9 August 2007
England - Premiership 07/08 Winner [EW 1/3 1-2]ManU @2.25

Italy - Serie A 07/08 Winner [EW 1/3 1-2]Inter @2.25

Portugal - Superliga 07/08 Winner Benfica @3.00

France - Ligue 1 07/08 Winner [EW 1/3 1-2] Lyon @1.40

England - Premiership Leading Goalscorer Drogba [EW 1/3 1-3] @6.50

Finishing Higher - Season 07/08 ManU to finish above Liverpool @1.30

Finishing Higher - Season 07/08 Chelsea to finish above Liverpool @1.35

10 August 2007
US Open 2007 (men) Federer to Win @1.45

10 September 2007
Federer did it. We are +0.45

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